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Importance of natural light in office buildings

A positive and healthy working environment in modern office buildings is reliant on on several factors, including the company that an employee works for, the comradery in the office, and if the office design allows for sufficient amounts of natural …

LC Smartglass & SPD Smartglass – What’s the Difference?

LC and SPD Smart Glass are renowned in the architecture industry for their range of useful applications. However, while they are both classified as Active Smart Glass, meaning they require an electrical current to change their properties, they utilise different …

Solar Smart Glass or Privacy Smart Glass – Which to Choose?

While Solar Smart Glass and Privacy Smart Glass are often used in the same environment, they have their own unique purposes.

The Unique Benefits & Applications of Solar Smart Glass

Solar Smart Glass by Smartglass International is a unique technology designed to enhance the comfort and productivity of building occupants. Moreover, it reduces HVAC and energy costs, providing a return on investment for building owners.