How Switchable Smartglass can Improve Daylighting Design

It’s no secret sunlight is scarce during the winter months. Many of us leave for work in the dark, and return home when it’s even darker. If we get a chance to step outside midday, odds are good the sky is gray and rain clouds imminent. Continue reading

Improving Energy Efficiency with Smart Glass

As the importance of energy efficiency becomes more apparent, the use of renewable energy sources and better insulation has sky rocketed. However, more innovative solutions to reduce energy usage in residential and commercial properties are being discovered every day. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Smart Glass Can Increase the Value of Your Property

Your property is an important investment. That’s why taking steps to increase the value is incredibly important in today’s competitive market. Installing smart glass in your property can increase the market value of your property and serve to increase the number of potential interested buyers for a number of reasons.
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10 Ways to Creatively Transform a Small Space

Smaller spaces are now being designed more and more creatively. They no longer mean cramped rooms and poor aesthetics. Instead transforming small spaces have become some of the most celebrated interior design successes. To inspire you while you transform smaller areas, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best design tricks.
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Why Interior Designers Love Switchable Smart Glass

Switchable smart glass has rapidly gained popularity in recent years, and has been incorporated into well-known residential and commercial projects. It’s now a feature interior designers commonly recommend to clients, and for good reason! To help explain its increasing use, we’ve decided to detail some of the reasons why exactly interior designers love using it in their projects.
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Electric Glass, Privacy Glass, Smart Glass – What’s the difference?

Since smart glass is still a relatively new technology, many terms have been coined to describe it in recent years. These include smart glass, switchable glass, electric glass, to name just a few. Unfortunately, all these different names have created some confusion, and so to clear this up, we’ve decided to explain the differences between the terminologies.
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Answering 7 Top FAQs About Switchable Glass

While switchable glass is still a relatively recent development, it has seen an incredible rise in popularity in the last five years. Residential and commercial buyers alike tend to have quite a few questions about our switchable glass products, the technologies and how they work. We’ve a compiled a quick guide to answer the 7 most frequently asked questions about switchable electric glass.
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Establishing 5 Star Hotel Luxury with Switchable Glass

Case Study – The Kempinski Resort in Bahrain

A stay in a 5 star luxury hotel should offer a superior experience for guests, offering a chance to experience optimum levels of comfort and relaxation they could never possibly experience at home. The Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel in Bahrain values the experience of each of their guests and takes hospitality to unprecedented levels. This is a 5 star hotel which really offers the “WOW” factor, offering superior comfort and relaxation. Comprising of 2 towers – the Grand Hotel and the Ixir Hotel – each tower offers their own flavour of Arabic hospitality and exceptional service.

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Why You Should Make The Switch to Switchable Glass

Modern day commercial and home design is dominated by the use of glass. The architectural use for glass continues to grow as demand increases for builds which offer an influx of natural light and a minimalistic, clean aesthetic. In fact, global glass demand growth even exceeds GDP growth. Given the extensive presence of glass in residential and commercial builds, there has also been a growth in demand for glass technologies which allows glass panels to serve not only as an aesthetic feature of a build, but a highly functional feature too.
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It’s Curtains for Blinds – Smart Glass Windows Are Taking Over

For many years, the ability to control light and heat passing through residential glass windows has always come down to one of two options – curtains or blinds. However, fast forward to 2015 and smart glass windows are quickly taking over from curtains and blinds as the most popular means of controlling light, glare and heat passing through a window in residential homes.
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