Smart Applications of Switchable Glass in Bedroom Design

In recent years, switchable smart glass has been taking the design industry by storm. While most of the attention has focused on commercial applications, the technology is also finding innovative uses in residential design. In particular, there is a range of ways in which switchable smart glass can enhance bedroom style. Continue reading

3 Smart Glass Window Installations You Need to See

The design world is constantly innovating, but one trend which only continues to grow in popularity is the use of smart glass in interior design. Smart glass technology has a world of creative applications, however it is most frequently used in window installations. After all, switchable glass window panes instantly enhances the modernity of your design and creates an interesting talking point. We’ve compiled a list of 3 of the most amazing smart glass window installations you simply need to see, to inspire your future work. Continue reading

Smart Technology Ideas in Home Design

As innovative technological advances continue to be made, the creative applications in home design are also growing. These smart technology ideas instantly add to projects by making your life easier and even more stylish. We’ve compiled a list of five of the smartest technology ideas which have emerged in home design in recent years. Continue reading

The Future of Glass – Key Trends to Watch

The design world is constantly innovating. Keeping up with emerging trends is essential for designers. One of the areas which has seen the most creative growth in recent years is glass, an essential material for all projects. New designs and technologies are constantly being created in this field, which is why we’ve compiled a list of our four favourite trends for you to watch out for this year. Continue reading

Top Gear Technology – Smart Glass Creates The Ultimate Finale

Top Gear are renowned for pushing the boundaries of modern motoring in their live shows. With every stunt they perform for their arena audience, the need to be innovative and produce show stopping feats grows. That’s why the production team needed a radical new car design to wow the crowd at their recent grand finale. After considering various options, they decided to create something never seen before; a car that can turn invisible. Continue reading

5 Innovative Uses of Technology in Bathroom Design

Technology is powering innovative interior design, customizing even bathroom design! Technology has taken bathroom design to a whole new level, enabling homeowners and designers to transform bathrooms into a space of luxury. The following are just 5 of many innovative uses of technology that are enhancing bathroom design. Continue reading

4 Spectacular Commercial Examples of Switchable Privacy Glass in the U.K.

Switchable glass has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years, particularly in the UK market. The versatility of the glass has found it an ever increasing number of applications in the commercial sector. After all, it adds a touch of modernity to any design, and helps your establishment stand out from the competition.

Discover how 4 commercial businesses in the U.K. have found creative uses for switchable privacy glass. Continue reading

5 Stunning Examples of Switchable Privacy Glass in Office Suites

In recent years, corporations have realised the advantages of designs which stimulate creativity. As a result, innovative technology is growing in popularity in this field, particularly switchable privacy glass. This adds an edge of modernity to any space, while simultaneously increasing the functionality.

Take a look at five incredible examples of privacy switchable glass in office environments.
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5 Creative Uses of Switchable Privacy Glass in Retail & Hospitality

Switchable privacy glass is taking the design world by storm. The retail and hospitality sectors are even embracing the trend, finding incredibly smart ways to incorporate switchable privacy glass into the design of stores, outlets, bars and restaurants. Continue reading

How Innovative Design is Transforming Banking Office Spaces

Though finance is considered a structured industry, large banking corporations have started to understand the importance of innovative design in their workplaces. After all, studies have proven that having a creative and comfortable physical environment greatly improves employees’ satisfaction and productivity. The following are 4 examples of innovative, clever banking office design across the globe. Continue reading