‘Shape’ movie will help to understand design concept

Irish designer Johnny Kelly has debuted with a short movie that attempts to show impacts of design on everyday life just by using basic shapes. This movie, called ‘Shape’ , shows a nuclear family and illustrates some of the changes that happen over time. The first surprise is that the movie is silent.

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Is it really Banksy? New street art that shows government surveillance

Recent news raised the topic of privacy issues that were experienced in the past year with the NSA.  Possibly as a result of political conflict, a new street art appeared on Sunday night, on one of the house walls in Cheltenham. There is a long debate whether this new piece of art belongs to a well known British artist.

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Skyscrapers boom in London

New London Architecture informed that in a short time the number of skyscrapers in the capital will significantly increase. This will have high impact on London’s skyline. Without doubt, this is the highest skyscrapers building growth in London’s history. While many of the planned towers are in the regeneration zones of east and south London, a lot of it will be built in Tower Hamlets. Some of the buildings are under construction such as Walkie Talkie in the City and the Canaletto on City Road.  More are still waiting for the planning approval.

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The future of Battersea Power Station project

For some people Battersea Power Station is a symbol of British industry.For the younger generation this is a neglected area that could be transformed into a new vibrant quarter. For many years this was abandoned by consultants and developers, until a consortium of Malaysian investors rescued the site by financing the regeneration of deserted chimneys and engine rooms into luxury penthouse apartments.

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Glass Museum Trip – New York

For those people who like art and are fascinated by glass, there is a perfect place to visit this Easter! Continue reading

Google Amsterdam | Back to their roots

We all have the belief that everyone who “works” at Google really spends their time being creative by sipping lattes and playing football. Now we have the proof… Continue reading

Wish you were here?- Unforgettable hotel rooms

We have all stayed in hotel rooms that we would rather forget. So it’s nice to be able to look at properties that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

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We all work in a yellow submarine

This unusual office in Moscow uses fun submarine-type pods as rooms. Continue reading

Something to tweet about…

Those poor tortured souls at Twitter HQ in San Fran really have it tough. Not content will sitting around on bean bags all day playing Modern Warfare, they have found the time to complain about their dining facilities… Continue reading

Floating Hotel for Qatar World Cup

Wealthy football fans could find themselves all at sea if they opt to stay at a new floating 5 star hotel planned for completion for World Cup 2022. Continue reading