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LC Smartglass & SPD Smartglass – What’s the Difference?

LC and SPD Smart Glass are renowned in the architecture industry for their range of useful applications. However, while they are both classified as Active Smart Glass, meaning they require an electrical current to change their properties, they utilise different …

Solar Smart Glass or Privacy Smart Glass – Which to Choose?

While Solar Smart Glass and Privacy Smart Glass are often used in the same environment, they have their own unique purposes.

Ensuring Privacy & Hygiene in Medical Facilities with Smart Glass

Privacy smart glass from Smartglass International is an innovative and practical solution to the concerns over patient privacy and hygiene management in healthcare facilities.

The future of Battersea Power Station project

For some people Battersea Power Station is a symbol of British industry.For the younger generation this is a neglected area that could be transformed into a new vibrant quarter. For many years this was abandoned by consultants and developers, until a consortium …

Buy Your Hotel Room Furniture

Aloft Hotels are now giving their guests the opportunity to purchase the furniture that they enjoyed during their stay.

Annoying Things About Hotels

Hotel Chatter have comprised a list of the most irritating things they encounter while staying at hotels.

Walkie Talkie Melts Cars

A Jaguar XJ has been damaged by light reflecting off the new Walkie Talkie building in London.

Rubbish Concept Store

Nike have opened a new concept store in Shanghai that has an interior made entirely from recycled rubbish.

Most Expensive Construction Countries

Hong Kong tops the list of most expensive countries to build in according to research done by consultants EC Harris.

Space Invader Couch

Los Angeles based designer, Igor Chak, has created a furniture collection inspired by retro video games.