How Smart Technology Will Revolutionize Shopping Centres

The tremendous growth of technology over the last two decades has benefited society in many ways, and one of the most promising applications of more advanced technology is in changing the offline shopping experience of customers. Already, many high-end shopping centres in China and the U.S. have implemented smart technologies in a bid to attract more customers with great success.
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Smart Home Technology Trends 2017

In a technologically progressive world, smart home design features and gadgets are becoming more popular among homeowners who enjoy the added convenience of controlling home appliances and devices with their smartphones. Devices such as the Netgear Arlo Pro, which is a rechargeable wireless security camera, and the Amazon Echo—Amazon’s popular smart speaker, represent just two of the most widely used smart home gadgets which have stormed the market in recent years. Continue reading

The Sustainable Office: 6 Key Design Elements

A sustainable office design has gone from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” achievement. The question is no longer if business will incorporate sustainable design, but when. Thanks to new legislation, heightened corporate social responsibility and increased productivity, “greening” existing infrastructure has become an immediate action item for many companies anticipating the future.
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Why Switchable Smart Glass is a Smart Investment

Combining benefits such as superb aesthetics, improved privacy, and more privacy in both commercial and residential properties, switchable smart glass is a much sought-after technology that enhances a property’s design and functionality.
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When Switchable Glass Meets Security Glass

The management of modern commercial buildings involves many important duties, not least of which is maximizing security to prevent break-ins and other safety breaches. One of the most common architectural practices used to increase the safety and security of commercial properties is the use of toughened security glass. However, installing security glass in a building doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetics. Switchable smart glass can be combined with a number of security glass products to provide a solution that meets security needs in a stylish way.

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Despite still being early in 2017, it’s already becoming apparent that glass will be a key component of architectural designs in the year to come. Both commercial and residential architects are including more glass elements in their plans, for both the aesthetics and efficiencies offered. Below we outline some of the biggest trends we expect to feature in developments over the course of this year and beyond.
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How Switchable Glass Benefits Healthcare & Medical Environments

Healthcare providers are constantly aspiring to provide the best possible environment for their patients. By continuing to upgrade their facilities, hospitals and other healthcare providers can ensure that patients feel as comfortable as possible.

A cornerstone feature of improving patients’ experiences is to embrace new technologies as they become available. One such technology that has a pivotal role to play in improving healthcare is switchable glass. This innovative modern technology utilizes a switchable liquid crystal film and durable glazing to deliver a number of benefits to medical facilities.
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8 Design Trends For Residential Properties In 2017

Prevailing interior design trends tend to be influenced by a wide range of factors, including contemporary architecture, popular culture, and even the media.

The prolific use of social media platforms is contributing to the rapid spread of design trends internationally, which makes it all the more important to be acquainted with what’s popular. Here are eight key design trends set to be prevalent in residential interior design in 2017. Continue reading

Privacy Glass Walls: An Innovative Approach to Internal Partitions

Modern architectural designers are always seeking new ways to keep the world out but let the light in. The trend is relying increasingly on the innovative use of privacy glass to create fluid, bright spaces in both residential and commercial buildings. Unlike traditional structural walls, glass privacy walls maximise available light and instantly establish a sleek, ultra-modern aesthetic.

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How Can You Customise Switchable Privacy Glass?

With the market value of switchable glass windows expected to reach 5.81 billion USD by 2020, the technology is clearly soaring in demand. Undoubtedly a key driver behind this due growth is the incredible environmental benefits the glass can offer, dramatically increasing energy efficiency. However, another key driver of this rapid market growth is the numerous possibilities for customisation. Continue reading