Why You Should Make The Switch to Switchable Glass

Modern day commercial and home design is dominated by the use of glass. The architectural use for glass continues to grow as demand increases for builds which offer an influx of natural light and a minimalistic, clean aesthetic. In fact, global glass demand growth even exceeds GDP growth. Given the extensive presence of glass in residential and commercial builds, there has also been a growth in demand for glass technologies which allows glass panels to serve not only as an aesthetic feature of a build, but a highly functional feature too.

As modern living standards evolve, so too does customer expectations of glass. For many people, standard glass panels simply don’t meet their full requirements; they want more and expect more from glass installations. It therefore comes as no surprise that people are making the switch from standard to switchable glass in their droves. The global smart glass market is expected to soar in growth over the coming years too and is estimated to reach $4.71 billion by 2022.

Revamping a commercial or residential build? Involved in a new construction project?

Here are 4 key reasons why you should consider using switchable smart glass over standard glass panels.

Control of transparency

Transparency has long been one of the key attractions of the use of glass in commercial and home interior design. The transparency of glass enables a great flow of natural light and helps to create the illusion of a bigger space. However, the transparency offered by glass has a downside – a distinct lack of privacy. Switchable smart glass allows you to easily switch between transparency and privacy as required with just the simple flick of a switch, allowing those inside to enjoy the “best of both worlds” essentially.

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The only means of obtaining privacy with standard glass panels is to hang blinds or curtains which are clunky and can take away from the overall aesthetics of the build. In terms of aesthetics, switchable smart glass offers a “wow” factor. No visual nuisances such as blinds and curtains are required for smart glass panels. Instead, a residential or commercial build can enjoy a clean, minimalistic aesthetic look and feel.


Easier maintenance

Where glass panels are set to be a prominent feature in a build, you can expect to need to invest significant time in maintenance. Ensuring that the appearance of glass installations remains clean and sleek takes hard work, especially if blades and curtains are hung as they easily accumulate dirt, dust and parasites. Smart glass is a much more hygienic option, requiring far less maintenance and offering anti-microbial properties, ensuring that the growth of micro-organisms on the surface is inhibited.

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Energy efficiency

Concerns about climate change, escalating fuel prices, and energy security are also, in some markets, driving legislative requirements for the use of energy-saving glass technologies in buildings. Switchable smart glass is highly energy efficient through its incredible ability to allow the user to control the amount of light and heat passing through. This level of control reduces the need to use radiators or air conditioning units therefore increasing building energy efficiency. The potential cost savings that arise as a result of the increased energy efficiency can surpass the initial switchable glass cost in as little as one year.

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To find out more about smart privacy glass and its numerous applications, visit our products page or take a look at our past projects. Smartglass Intl. have developed smart glass products for various different commercial and residential properties across the globe. Could your project be next? Contact our team to discuss your requirements.


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