The Innovation & Applications of Switchable Glass Vision Panels

Switchable glass technology continues to evolve, and new trends are constantly emerging. One such trend that is rapidly rising in popularity is the use of switchable glass vision panels. These innovative panels can be fitted to doors and dividing walls, allow those within a particular room or space to decide whether they would like complete privacy, or to enable visibility. These panels are available in a range of standard shapes and sizes, and can also be customised to meet a variety of applications including:

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1. Boardrooms and meeting rooms

Switchable glass panels are now frequently being integrated with meeting room and boardroom doors to enable greater privacy and minimise disruptions to important meetings and conference calls. Turning the glass to the transparent state allows the room to be checked for occupancy without opening the door and potentially disturbing a meeting. Meanwhile, in the opaque state the panel offers complete confidentiality and serves as a signal that the room is occupied.

2. Residential front doors

Switchable privacy glass panels are the modern equivalent to “peepholes”. They allow homeowners to verify the identity of those knocking at their front door before opening up. They also offer design benefits – when in the transparent mode, they enable natural light to flood the hallway and enhance the interior design.

3. Hospital wards and operating theatres

Hospitals have widely benefited from switchable transparent glass and vision panels offer even more advantages. For one, when fitted in the doors of private rooms or surgical spaces they facilitate privacy without obstructing the views of healthcare professionals when they check on their patients. They can also be installed in lead shielded doors of x-ray rooms, ensuring the integrity of the radiation screening while allowing doctors or family members to monitor the proceedings.

4. Detention rooms and prisons

Installing switchable smart glass panels in detention rooms and prisons improves the security of these establishments in a number of ways. When installed in the doors of cells, the panels allow the occupants to be monitored by staff on their rounds, without compromising their privacy. They can also be used in visiting centres in high-security penitentiaries to assure the safety of all those on the premises. Moreover, as smart glass vision panels can be customized with security glass specifications if necessary, the use of glass is not a security concern.

5. Retail displays and product reveals

Installing electrically switchable smart glass in retail displays can enhance the overall design aesthetic of a store. The transparent state of smart glass vision panels allows higher priced items to be securely showcased behind glass, while the opaque mode prevents empty cases from ruining the visual appeal. Moreover, the glass transformation can assist with dramatic product reveals.

6. Financial institutions

Financial institutions require both discretion for their clients and security for their workers, which is why privacy glass switchable has proven so popular in this industry. Smart glass vision panels are a particularly frequently used feature, especially in teller stations. The vision panels enable staff privacy on demand while in the opaque mode when they need to count funds and review client details. The panels also enable the ability to securely deal directly with customers when the clear state is selected.

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