Green8 – Figure of 8 Skyscraper for Berlin

Architects Agnieszka Preibisz and Peter Sandhaus have unveiled a conceptual skyscraper for Berlin with a twisted figure-of-eight structure that curves around elevated gardens and is held up by cables.

Described as a “vertical garden city”, the building has a network of gardens and green-houses built into its hollow center to promote sustainable living.


Preibisz and Sandhaus, who are both based in Berlin, developed the design to contribute to a new masterplan being put together for the eastern quarter of the city.


“The state of society in the twenty-first century requires that we develop new visions for living in densely populated inner cities,” Preibisz told Dezeen. ”This process inherently triggers an essential confrontation of material and social values, and so there is a nascent yearning for an architecture that offers a high degree of potential for community.”

Head over to Dezeen for more information!

(Source: Dezeen)

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