Dream bathroom in small spaces

Many people whether young singles or over 60s convert their properties to make them more comfortable. In many cases these conversions are possible by using specific technologies.

Basements, lofts, garages or even under stair cupboards can all become bathroom spaces. The UK’s growing and ageing population is increasingly converting and adapting their homes to create extra facilities. The pressure is to use all available space – using some innovative solutions.

In attic conversion, heights can be a problem.  Therefore introducing showers with  specific glass panels would be a good solution. When we think about attic conversions, the best possible solution would be to create an additional bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. In such a scenario it will be very important how we connect this new space to ensure proper amount of daylight to be available.  Smartglass Privacy glass will be an ideal product to be used for a partition wall as well as for a shower screen, both providing privacy on demand.

For old houses the perfect way of coping  with “claustrophobic” spaces would be a so called illusion of a bathroom that in reality is smaller than we would expect. This positive effect could be achieved by using mirrors, glass, appropriate lights and colours.  At the same time there is no point in introducing  any heavy looking partition walls. We could squeeze-in only a shower, the space can be easily divided by using Privacy Smartglass.

Sometimes, the best possible solution is to create a wet room. Smartglass offers simplicity, reliability and privacy when it is most needed. It is aesthetically an appealing solution for a wet room, where despite open spaces -  people still like to keep their privacy.

Through technology it is possible to fulfil the dream of creating a new comfortable bathroom space that could save time and expensive conversions.

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