Doors of the future

Did you ever wonder how a living space can be made private without compromising the entry of natural light?

In every house there are spaces that require more privacy then others. Bathrooms, toilets and laundry rooms are those spaces where privacy is a must. However, in today’s tight infrastructures, we might find that there is a growing amount of areas where privacy is needed. Such as basements, ground floor living rooms or kitchens.  Such spaces would require an application of a product that would be durable and damp-resistant.

Light transmission

There is no doubt that laminated switchable glass is a product of the future. Switchable transparent glass panels can be used as a wall partition, balustrade, a shower screen or a, door.  Such a product would help to recover natural light when it is most needed. It is well known that the improvement of living space increases our comfort, well-being, sense of space and even health.

There is an increased demand for open space living and modern looking hallways. Through application of Smartglass products we can see high levels of improvement in hallways and living rooms.  Smart glass can change existing spaces and helps to fill rooms with natural light. It can be chosen as the best solution to be implemented in new projects for the construction of doors and windows.

Frosted or textured glass results in a constant obscure private view, whereas Privacy Smartglass gives the choice to change from opaque to a transparent view – all on one’s demand.

Sliding Door Bathroom OnSliding Door bathroom Off

Sliding doors

We fully understand that each project is unique. Whether a project includes a partition wall with normal or sliding doors, a switchable glass shower door we are delighted to supply the proper solution meeting specific challenges.  The switchable glass doors allow clients to use any glass specification – also including fire rated glass.  This creates a variety of high performance solutions that can be implemented.

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