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Last week we wrote about green houses technologies and seminars in London.  Smartglass decided to summarize some of the most important visible trends in building house strategy.

1. 3D printing builds houses in China

China is not the only country which decided to use this technology for building new houses. However, it is confirmed that they use a mixture of cement and waste that allows cutting costs to an unbelievable value of £2,970. The technology allows printing around 10 houses a day.

2.  No more waste

For those enthusiasts who would like to create a house from easily available materials, there is an inspiration in London for a house built completely out of waste!  It was shown on the last Grand Design show.

3.  Portable houses

There is another tendency to create portable houses. Some of them look like caravans, others – very modern. There are companies that can tailor online all your demands and a small house will come ready to life in a few days.  The variety of materials is huge and quite affordable.

Read more about it click here. 

Did you know:

SmartGlass International is one of the leading manufacturers of switchable glass. It has recognized the need for a product that serves an all-in-one purpose in regards to privacy, security or sustainable living.

How does switchable glass work?

Controlling the glass is achieved simply by flipping an electrical switch. When the glass is switched on,  a film found between two layers of glass reacts to the electric current, creating a reaction that allows light to pass through the glass. When the switch is turned off, the reaction has a reversed effect and the light ceases to pass through.

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