5 Ways Switchable Glass Can Enhance Corporate Image

The office space or business premises of any company serves as a physical extension of the desired corporate image, meaning it’s vital that they are designed accordingly. One way to enhance corporate image through the design of the business premises or office space is to install switchable glass. Innovative, futuristic switchable glass technology can enhance corporate image in the five following ways:

switchable glass


With rising concern about climate change, being recognised as an eco-friendly company is essential. Not only does this fulfil corporate and social responsibility, it also provides incredibly positive PR opportunities. Switchable privacy glass aids in this goal by decreasing the energy use of an organisation. Through availing of the solar control options on offer, companies can lower their building’s usage of air conditioning, heating and light control, thus vastly decreasing electricity consumption.

2. Memorable

Consistent branding is vital to ensuring a company is memorable. Switchable glass is highly customisable, allowing companies to easily brand their business premises or office space. The panels come in a variety of hues, meaning they can be customised with company colours. Moreover, the glass can also be used as presentation screens when in the opaque mode, allowing companies to project any design onto their building’s interior or façade.

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3. Innovator

Companies needs to show a commitment to continuously embracing innovation. Installing switchable glass in an office or business premises, whether it’s installed as windows, presentation screens or dividing panels, demonstrates to clients and investors that a company is not afraid to invest in cutting edge technology, and are aware of current trends.

4. Sleek

Switchable privacy glass establishes a sleek and modern interior. For a company who uses their space to inspire their workers, instil faith in their clients and shareholders, as well as win new business, this is essential. By offering privacy with the touch of a button, the glass eradicates the need for bulky curtains and blinds, while simultaneously demonstrating commitment to confidentiality. More and more companies are embracing switchable glass due to its powerful aesthetic, including Rothschild Investment Bank in London, who installed switchable glass windows to complement a powerful, sleek, corporate image.

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5. Motivational

It’s a well-known fact that employees create a corporation’s culture. Moreover, recent studies show that natural light motivates your workers, enhances their well-being and increases their productivity. Therefore, installing switchable glass, which in turn raises an office’s natural light levels, helps nurture a culture creative and motivated workers. For example, Microsoft installed switchable privacy glass in their Portuguese HQ, to enhance their culture of creativity, with powerful effects.

Ready to embrace the power of switchable glass?

For more information on how switchable smart glass can benefit corporate image, contact Smartglass International today. Our expert team has worked on corporate design projects worldwide and are best placed to advise on the specifications of your upcoming project.

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