5 Ways Electronic Glass Has Revolutionised Hotel Design

One specific industry that has benefited greatly from smart glass technology is the hospitality sector. Indeed, electronic glass has proven to deliver numerous benefits for the numerous hotels in which it has been installed. The following are five incredible ways in which electric glass has revolutionised hotel design and shall continue to do so in the future.

electric smart glass,

1. Sleek Lobby Design

Your lobby is the first opportunity your establishment has to make an impact. As guests form an impression in less than a split second, the design is essential. Using electronic smart glass in the foyer, like the modern Kempinski Hotel Resorts chain did, makes this first impression a good one, by exuding a sleek and modern aesthetic from the start of their stay. Not only does it show an innovative design, it also allows the glass frontier of your building to turn opaque in under a split 1 second, offering instant privacy. This is essential for hosting VIP guests and blocking the site of any less than aesthetically pleasing events, such as construction work or bad weather.

2. Innovative Boardrooms

High-quality corporate clientele are always looking for innovative ways to impress their own clients, shareholders and investors. By offering electric switchable glass in the boardrooms, you make your establishment more attractive to attracting high-end business engagements. The glass could be installed to increase confidentially in windows and doors or to amaze clients by turning glass panels into interactive projector screens in the opaque mode.

3. Private Bathrooms

Open concept hotel rooms have rapidly gained in popularity. However, with this design comes a concern for privacy when using the restroom facilities. As a result, electric smart glass has been widely introduced for use in bathroom partitions and shower cubicles. Ultimately, it allows hotels such as the Eccleston House Hotel, London, and the Brew House Hotel, England to maintain an open floor plan, while still guarding their guests’ privacy.

4. Breathtaking Rooftop Views

Electric switchable glass can also be used in rooftop design, with breath-taking effects. Whether the technology is used in skylights or in multiple roof panels, the glass turns your very hotel into an observatory to astound your guests.

For more information on how electronic glass has revolutionized hotel design, contact Smartglass International. We’ve worked on a number of hotel projects worldwide, and our team would be happy to advise on the specifications of yours.

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