The ‘Tikker’ Death Watch

Swedish publishing creative Fredrik Colting has created a watch that is both intriguing and disturbing—it counts down to the wearer’s death.

Using personal data such as age, BMI and activity levels, the Tikker calculates the estimated time of death. Naturally, this is just an estimation and the user may reach that point sooner or later!


According to Colting, the idea behind the watch is not if it is an accurate predictor of death but more about teaching the wearer to appreciate the amount of time you have left!

They are currently trying to raise funds on Kickstarter.

What do you think? The idea itself may be a bit shocking, but the reasoning behind it is noble. Trying to get everyone to slow down, and enjoy every day as, unfortunately, they are finite. Tick Tock.

(Source: Design Taxi)

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