Exploring the Applications of Smart Glass Roofs

Smart glass is now the material of choice for modern interior design, but it’s also rapidly gaining traction in architectural exterior design. The applications are endless and one increasingly popular application is the use of smart glass in roofs. Smart glass roofs have a place in both commercial and residential properties, and certainly provides a talking point for your design. The following are just 5 of many applications of switchable glass roofs.

smart glass

1. Regulating heat & glare in conservatories

Smart glass roofs are the way forward for designs where the temperature needs to be kept at precise levels. This makes them the perfect solution for conservatories, preventing your glass structure from becoming overbearingly stuffy on summer sunny days. The panes can also prevent the sun’s glare from ruining your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

2. Allowing a flow of natural light

Natural light is the easiest way to enhance your design, but sometimes it’s simply not feasible to install wall to wall windows. Whether a property is located underground or the sunlight is blocked by crowded city streets, a smart glass roof can prove an optimal solution. It will allow light to permeate a property, improving the design without modifying the interior. However, unlike an ordinary glass roof, it will also allow you to retain your privacy. The transparent panes can easily be turned opaque with the touch of a button to improve the functionality of the design.

3. Controlling the flow of light

Smart glass roofs don’t just allow a flow of natural light to enter a property, they also let you regulate the amount of light passing through to your establishment. This was key for a recent project of ours, The Globe of Science and Innovation, CERN. They needed a space that could instantly descend into darkness as they hold regular presentations for their visitors. However, they recognise their large skylight was one of their most striking design statements and so opted for switchable smart glass to make this key design feature very functional.

4. Turning an office building “green”

Smart glass roofs are also a fantastic option for office buildings that are looking to improve their environmental impact. Solar smart glass panes are available which can regulate the heat permeating through the glass, preventing your building from needing excess air conditioning. Moreover, the light control previously detailed also means an office building need not solely rely on artificial lighting, saving you money on your next electricity bill!

5. Providing breath-taking views in penthouses

Another amazing benefit that switchable smart glass roofs offer is that they allow you to gaze out at breath-taking views of the sky. Not only is this the perfect design statement for residential designs like penthouse apartments, or townhouses, but it also has amazing commercial applications. It makes a great attraction for businesses such as restaurants, hotels or even casinos, drawing in customers with the promise of guaranteed star-gazing. The benefit of using switchable glass over traditional panes is of course in the added privacy the technology offers, which vastly increases the functionality of your design.

For more information on the applications of smart glass roofs, contact our team at Smartglass International today. We’d be happy to discuss the individual specifications of your project, regardless of if it’s commercial or residential.

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