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How Smartglass design is changing architecture

Technology moves at an increasingly rapid pace in the modern world, and it waits for nobody.  Architects are in a particularly vulnerable position when it comes to technology. They must stay current with other key architectural aspects, such as the …

Blackout Glass and its 5 Key Applications

Blackout glass is a type of switchable glass technology that allows users to alternate the appearance of the glass between transparent and blacked out. Two other states are available in the form of both opaque and solar-tinted. Blackout glass works …

10 strange but creative offices

The BBC have compiled a list of 10 strange offices from around the UK who practice the strategy of having fun and bizarre offices to stimulate creativity. Mind Candy, the games developer behind the hit Moshi Monster series, has a …

Wind Powered Skyscraper by SOM

American design firm, Skidmore, Owings & Merill have unveiled plans for a 530 meter skyscraper in Indonesia that will harvest wind energy at its peak. We can called it a wind powered skyscraper. 

Car Elevators for Miami Tower

It’s nice to see how the other half live, isn’t it? Well! The new Porsche Design Tower in Miami will have car elevators that will let residents drive their cars into their apartments.

Floating House by Dymitr Malcew

Singapore-based designer, Dymitr Malcew, has designed this stunning floating house for French devloper, H2ORIZON.

Doodle Chairs – scribbles brought to life

Japanese artist, Daigo Fukawa, has designed a set of furniture based on squiggles and doodles drawn on paper.

Raleigh meets IKEA | Flat-pack Bicycle

A bicycle that has been made out of wood and can be assembled at home in less than an hour has gone into production.

200 Calories in various foods

The guys over at wiseGeek have created a pretty interesting photo-series of various different foods. The difference? They have only photographed 200 calories worth of each food.

Through the Looking Glass – Google Madrid

Google’s Spanish HQ in Madrid has recently been redesigned by London-based design practise, Jump Studios. Let’s have a look.