5 Stunning Examples of Switchable Privacy Glass in Office Suites

In recent years, corporations have realised the advantages of designs which stimulate creativity. As a result, innovative technology is growing in popularity in this field, particularly switchable privacy glass. This adds an edge of modernity to any space, while simultaneously increasing the functionality.

Take a look at five incredible examples of switchable privacy glass in office environments.

1.       Elm Park Marketing Suite

The Elm Park Marketing Suite offers an impressively modern mix of steel, timber and glass. The designers used walls of switchable privacy glass throughout to keep the lines sleek, and showcase the incredible views of the Irish Sea. The opaque mode allows privacy for confidential client meetings. It also increases the versatility of the space by allowing the windows to also be used as presentation screens.

switchable privacy glass - Elm Park

2.       The Moorhouse

The Moorhouse is one of London’s most prominent buildings and is a constant hub of activity. As a result, the designers faced the challenge of dividing it up into usable corporate space while still retaining the feeling of openness. They used switchable privacy glass panels to segment meeting rooms and offices, which shift from open to opaque in an instant. This allows private meetings to take place, while still giving the feeling of an open and highly accessible office.


3.       Boutique Suite in Dublin

This Boutique Suite in Dublin uses switchable privacy glass to make the most of natural light. The large glass windows allow light to radiate throughout the space, while giving the illusion of a bigger space. However, when the opaque mode is selected, privacy is instant. The switchable panes also remove the need for bulky curtains or blinds, creating a modern and sleek design.

switchable privacy glass in Dublin office suite

4.       Microsoft Office, Portugal

Microsoft’s Portugal HQ is the hub of its European activity, making the need for a creative space essential. The office needed to enable collaboration, which is why they divided their space with switchable glass. This retained the feeling of openness that promoted the teamwork necessary for their projects’ success. However, the opaque option still allowed privacy for concentration while brainstorming and important meetings.

Microsoft HQ - Switchable privacy Glass Panels

5.       Rothschild Investment Bank, London

The Rothschild Investment Bank is located in the centre of London, and so required a design that made the most of the city skyline. Wall to wall windows were decided upon, but an option that enabled confidentiality for sensitive finance meetings was required. As a result, switchable privacy glass was installed to give the sense the office is floating above the city, while still offering privacy when needed.


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