Smart Applications of Switchable Glass in Bedroom Design

In recent years, switchable smart glass has been taking the design industry by storm. While most of the attention has focused on commercial applications, the technology is also finding innovative uses in residential design. In particular, there is a range of ways in which switchable smart glass can enhance bedroom style.

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 1Skylight & Roof Panels

Switchable glass sky lights allow you to enjoy the night sky without worrying about your privacy. The transparent mode allows you to stargaze from your bed, while the opaque option means you don’t have to leave the covers and pull the blinds afterwards. Simply use the available remote control to change the state of the glass from the comfort of your blankets.

If you want to make an even bigger design statement, you can install a full switchable smart glass roof. The durable glass panes can turn your bedroom into your very own observatory, all without compromising your privacy.

2. Privacy Partition

Switchable smart glass is perfect for separating your bedroom from an ensuite or study area. Whether it’s installed as a sliding screen or door panel, the glass easily increases the functionality of your space. The opaque mode protects your privacy when needed and also allows you to concentrate without distractions. Meanwhile, the transparent mode can create the illusion of a larger space as the glass bounces light throughout the room.

Moreover, motion sensors can be used to change the state of the glass, meaning you don’t even need to worry about the controls first thing in the morning.

3. Walk-In Closets

Your style and investment buys can also now become a statement design piece in your bedroom! Simply install a switchable glass door to your wardrobe. While the switchable glass is in its clear state, you can proudly present your clothing collection while the opaque state enables you to hide clutter away in your closet when you don’t feel like tidying. This technology also enhances walk-in closets, creating the illusion of a bigger space while still allowing you to retain your privacy.

4. Windows

Contemporary bedroom designs are easily enhanced by switchable smart glass windows. The transformative glass removes the need for bulky curtains and blinds, creating a minimalistic and modern bedroom. Moreover, if you choose wall to wall windows, the panes can be used as your very own private cinema. Selecting the opaque mode creates the perfect screen, meaning all you need is a projector and popcorn to have an incredible entertainment system in your bedroom!

Considering switchable glass in an upcoming project?

If you’d like to find out more about how switchable glass can enhance your bedroom or home design, contact Smartglass International today. We’ve worked on a range of residential projects worldwide and would be happy to provide advice and assistance.

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