Remarkable Structures

How to create a modern looking space for Columbia University’s new medical centre ?

The 14-storey concrete tower is connected through cascading stairs and ramps, creating a unique campus. The new innovation in concrete technology allows architects to create each level differently.  A slab void system is used to reduce the weight of the slabs. In reality,  this helps to form flat plates without beams  - which in reality use less concrete than if solid. More benefits of this technology include a smaller depth of the structure that allows for more head room. It also eliminates  the need for an earthquake reinforcement system.


Despite its heavy construction, the environment system incorporates recycled materials and reduces the need for direct building materials.  The used recycled waste is locally sourced. The building meets all necessary energy efficiency metrics and is very flexible in terms of natural light, while reducing  the use of energy. This  also includes advanced green roof technologies and a recycle storm water runoff.

Read more about it here. 

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