Raleigh meets IKEA | Flat-pack Bicycle

A bicycle that has been made out of wood and can be assembled at home in less than an hour has gone into production.

The company, Pedalfactory, developed the bicycle back in 2006 but it has gone into commercial production recently and will be officially launching in Amsterdam on Sunday.

Sandwichbike by PedalFactory

The “Sandwichbike’ is assembled from 19 separate parts which are shipped with the necessary tools to do so.

Sandwichbike by PedalFactory

The total weight is 17kg and it is made up predominantly of beech plywood and aluminium.

Sandwichbike by PedalFactory

International orders are being taken now and will be dispatched in the new year.

Let’s hope the self-assembly is as easy as they claim!

(Source: Dezeen)

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