Privacy Glass – Not Just For Bathrooms

Privacy glass is rapidly gaining popularity in residential design, but many are solely associating it with bathroom design. However, stylish privacy glass designs can be used in any room of the house, to brighten and enhance your project. In fact, the technology adds a modern edge to your design aesthetic, while simultaneously enhancing the versatility of your space by offering instant privacy. Privacy glass has its place in a multitude of different applications in residential interior design:

privacy glass

1. Wall to Wall Windows

Wall to wall windows make a powerful design impact in any home, but the effect can be hindered by bulky blinds or  curtains. Use a privacy glass window instead, to protect your privacy without affecting the modernity of your design. The opaque mode can be easily switched by a wall panel, remote, or even motion sensors.

2. Walk in Closets

Since walk in closet design has evolved so much in recent years, your space should now be as beautiful as it is functional. An easy way to improve your design is to let in natural light and use sleek surfaces. Privacy smart glass is the perfect fit for this, transforming your closet doors from opaque to transparent instantly. This lets you admire your clothing collection in the best possible light, and can even turn your bedroom closet into a statement design feature.

3. Front Doors

Glass front doors help illuminate your home, but they also offer a security concern. If you choose transparent glass, people can see right into the heart of your home, while if you select frosted glass, you’re unable to verify your visitor’s identity before opening the door. A privacy glass door offers an ideal solution, meeting your security needs and enhancing the design aesthetic.

4. Privacy Partitions

Interior design is now dominated by bright, open spaces, and for good reason. They allow light to travel throughout your design, and enhance the aesthetic of any residence. However, if you’re concerned that knocking down the walls between your rooms will decrease their versatility, there is a solution. Privacy smart glass can be used to create partition panels which divide your space into specific sections, increasing the functionality of your home.

5. Skylights

Skylights are every interior designer’s best friend. Not only do they  allow light to travel throughout your space, they also allow breath-taking views of the night sky from the comfort of your own home. However, unless you want to cover them with bulky blinds, privacy can be a concern. Luckily, privacy glass is an instant solution, allowing you to flick between transparent and opaque glass whenever you wish.

6. Flooring

Glass floors are rapidly gaining popularity in interior design, especially for loft spaces. Yet, though the transparent mode creates the illusion of a larger space, and adds an amazing design feature, it also compromises the privacy of the rooms above. Fortunately, privacy glass floors will resolve this issue by obstructing the view of those above or below at the push of a button.

7. Floating Stairways

Using switchable privacy glass may seem like a strange choice for a stairway, but when installed it alludes that the steps are floating mid-air. Plus, if you ever wish to change up your design, the privacy mode can be selected in a range of colours to match your décor.

For more privacy smart glass inspiration, browse our previous design projects or contact Smartglass International today. We’ve worked on a range of residential projects worldwide and would be delighted to advise you on the specifications of yours.

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