How Switchable Glass Benefits Healthcare & Medical Environments

Healthcare providers are constantly aspiring to provide the best possible environment for their patients. By continuing to upgrade their facilities, hospitals and other healthcare providers can ensure that patients feel as comfortable as possible. With additional pressure from increasing H&S regulations, healthcare facilities are looking for new strategies for conquering hygiene requirements.

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8 Design Trends For Residential Properties

Prevailing interior design trends tend to be influenced by a wide range of factors, including contemporary architecture, popular culture, and even the media.

The prolific use of social media platforms is contributing to the rapid spread of design trends internationally, which makes it all the more important to be acquainted with what’s popular. Here are eight key design trends set to be prevalent in residential interior design in 2017. Continue reading

Privacy Glass Walls: An Innovative Approach to Internal Partitions

Modern architectural designers are always seeking new ways to keep the world out but let the light in. The trend is relying increasingly on the innovative use of privacy glass to create fluid, bright spaces in both residential and commercial buildings. Unlike traditional structural walls, glass privacy walls maximise available light and instantly establish a sleek, ultra-modern aesthetic.

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How Can You Customise Switchable Privacy Glass?

With the market value of switchable glass windows expected to reach 5.81 billion USD by 2020, the technology is clearly soaring in demand. Undoubtedly a key driver behind this due growth is the incredible environmental benefits the glass can offer, dramatically increasing energy efficiency. However, another key driver of this rapid market growth is the numerous possibilities for customisation. Continue reading

Coloured Smart Glass Tint – A Rising Trend in Interior Design

Smart glass technology is rapidly gaining popularity in both commercial and residential interior design. Since it is highly customizable, it has a range of benefits for designers and enables incredible experimentation.

Designers aren’t just trialling the use of smart glass panels in different shapes and sizes. Switchable smart glass can also be combined with coloured inter-layers to meet bespoke requirements. Continue reading

The Innovation & Applications of Switchable Glass Vision Panels

Switchable glass technology continues to evolve, and new trends are constantly emerging. One such trend that is rapidly rising in popularity is the use of switchable glass vision panels. These innovative panels can be fitted to doors and dividing walls, allow those within a particular room or space to decide whether they would like complete privacy, or to enable visibility. These panels are available in a range of standard shapes and sizes, and can also be customised to meet a variety of applications including: Continue reading

5 Ways Switchable Smart Glass Is Innovating Apartment Design

Modern residential architecture has fully sided with the aesthetic of spacious, united interiors. No longer a trend, the free-flowing residential space is what buyers and renters are looking for, and architects and developers are responding by creating inventive homes with fewer walls and larger multifunctional rooms. Continue reading

5 Ways Electronic Glass Has Revolutionised Hotel Design

One specific industry that has benefited greatly from smart glass technology is the hospitality sector. Indeed, electronic glass has proven to deliver numerous benefits for the numerous hotels in which it has been installed. The following are five incredible ways in which electric glass has revolutionised hotel design and shall continue to do so in the future.

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5 Ways Electric Smart Glass Lends Itself to Advertising Efforts

Electric smart glass is an innovative technology, and so the realm of possible applications are endless. From residential designs, to art installations, to corporate offices and even medical facilities, smart glass has been installed worldwide. Smart glass is even now being cleverly used in marketing advertising efforts and is perfect for adding a creative edge to any campaign or marketing effort. The following are five of many ways that electric glass can enhance corporate advertising. Continue reading

5 Ways Switchable Glass Can Enhance Corporate Image

The office space or business premises of any company serves as a physical extension of the desired corporate image, meaning it’s vital that they are designed accordingly. One way to enhance corporate image through the design of the business premises or office space is to install switchable glass. Innovative, futuristic switchable glass technology can enhance corporate image in the five following ways:
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