5 Ways Electric Smart Glass Lends Itself to Advertising Efforts

Electric smart glass is an innovative technology, and so the realm of possible applications are endless. From residential designs, to art installations, to corporate offices and even medical facilities, smart glass has been installed worldwide. Smart glass is even now being cleverly used in marketing advertising efforts and is perfect for adding a creative edge to any campaign or marketing effort. The following are five of many ways that electric glass can enhance corporate advertising. Continue reading

5 Ways Switchable Glass Can Enhance Corporate Image

The office space or business premises of any company serves as a physical extension of the desired corporate image, meaning it’s vital that they are designed accordingly. One way to enhance corporate image through the design of the business premises or office space is to install switchable glass. Innovative, futuristic switchable glass technology can enhance corporate image in the five following ways:
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Smart glass windows – a view to energy efficiency

Commercial building owners and managers will invest an estimated $960 billion globally between 2016 and 2023 on making their existing built infrastructure more environmentally friendly.  Commercial businesses are fast realising the long-term savings that can be achieved by increasing the energy efficiency of their business premises. Being energy efficient not only provides organisations with financial cost savings through reduced energy costs but also enables them to be more environmentally compliant.
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Global Antibacterial Glass Market to surpass $244 Billion

The antibacterial glass market is one of the fastest growing segments of architectural glass. In fact, according to the Global Industry Analysts by 2018, it’s expected to reach a valuation of $183.3 million US dollars.

A core reason behind this expected growth is due to the growth in popularity of antibacterial smart glass and of course the benefits that antibacterial smart glass offers medical and hospital infrastructures.
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Exploring the Applications of Smart Glass Roofs

Smart glass is now the material of choice for modern interior design, but it’s also rapidly gaining traction in architectural exterior design. The applications are endless and one increasingly popular application is the use of smart glass in roofs. Smart glass roofs have a place in both commercial and residential properties, and certainly provides a talking point for your design. The following are just 5 of many applications of switchable glass roofs.
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Privacy Glass – Not Just For Bathrooms

Privacy glass is rapidly gaining popularity in residential design, but many are solely associating it with bathroom design. However, stylish privacy glass designs can be used in any room of the house, to brighten and enhance your project. In fact, the technology adds a modern edge to your design aesthetic, while simultaneously enhancing the versatility of your space by offering instant privacy. Privacy glass has its place in a multitude of different applications in residential interior design:
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When to Use Switchable Glass Floors

From wall to wall smart glass windows, to switchable privacy glass partitions, switchable glass has been rapidly gaining in popularity in recent years. As technology is moving more and more to the forefront of interior design, the use of switchable glass in flooring has become a common feature in new commercial and residential design projects.
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How to Achieve A More Sustainable Interior Design

Interior design can often be dominated by fleeting trends, but one that’s here to stay is the “sustainability movement”. ‘Green’ interior design isn’t just considered fashionable, it’s seen as essential. In recent years, the importance of reducing our environmental impact has never been stronger. There are a number of ways to help make interior design as sustainable as possible.
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How to Maximise Natural Light in Office Design

A common feature of contemporary office design is to make best use of natural light. Maximising natural light doesn’t just reduce energy costs, it also creates the illusion of a larger space.

As well as this, natural light is said to better motivate employees to work to their full capabilities. In fact, studies have shown that exposing employees to light in the office results in them feeling better rested and having a higher quality of life – which in turn helps them to focus more on their work!
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Why The Smart Glass Windows Market Is Set To Soar

The Smart Glass Windows Market has gone from strength to strength in the last number of years due to a number of factors. Recent research in America has shown that the market is set to be worth 5.81 Billion USD by 2020.

This is an industry that is constantly innovating and the emergence of new improved technologies is driving greater demand for these products.  But what are the main drivers facilitating such growth in the Smart Glass Windows market?
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