Not-so-subtle retail advertising

In contrast to the trend of simplified, cryptic, Helvetica-fronted shop facades of recent times, this bicycle shop in Germany has decided to be a bit more blunt and literal.

Bicycle Germany


The ‘Fahradhof Altlandsberg’ features 120 bicycles stuck to its storefront. Owned by Peter Horstmann and Christian Peterson, the idea came as a solution to the influx of trade-in bicycles they received. They had no space to store them so they decided to “Hang ‘em on the wall”.

Bicycle 2


According to Horstmann, their innovative shop-front has helped business increase by “about 40%”, despite the German bicycle market going down by 22%.

So what do you think? Is it an eye-sore? Or do you like the quirkiness of it? Could this be applied to other stores as a concept? Flaunt what you sell!

(Source: Design Taxi)

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