Hotel Beds – 11 Hotels that go that extra mile

Hotel Chatter have compiled a list of 11 hotels that really want you to get a good night’s sleep.

Always a point of importance when staying in a hotel, a good night’s sleep can sometimes be hard to achieve even in the nicest of suites. Hotel Chatter have reviewed some hotels from around the world who make huge efforts to help you on your way to dreamland.

Some of the listed hotels feature sleep companions, which offer wake-up programs, nap programs, and ambient music and lighting.


Others offer melatonin chocolates or aromatherapy pillow spray. Some even offer an in-room spa service for kids, to make sure they get to sleep easily!


We’d love to sample some of these hotels! The best we’ve experienced so far is the Eccleston Square Hotel in London which features black-out blinds, a huge massage bed, and some great aromatherapy products.

Head over to Hotel Chatter to see the full list!

(Source: Hotel Chatter)

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