Heatherwick’s Garden Bridge – London

Thomas Heatherwick has released new images of his proposed Garden Bridge across the Thames in London.

Due for completion in 2017, the £150 million plans involve construction of a pedestrian bridge covered in trees and shrubs to span the river between South Bank and Covent Garden.


“London is where it is because of the river Thames. But over many years the human experience of this amazing piece of nature has been marginalised by successive transport moves”, said Heatherwick. ”There is now an opportunity to connect London together better, to give Londoners a huge improvement in the quality of pedestrian river crossing in this area, to allow us all to get closer to the river and at the same time to stimulate new regeneration possibilities at both ends where it lands,”


Heatherwick was awarded a tender by government body Transport for London earlier this year to develop ideas for improving pedestrian links across the river. The design derives from a concept by actress Joanna Lumley for a new park in central London.

“I believe that the combination of Transport for London’s brief for a new river crossing and Joanna Lumley’s inspiration for a new kind of garden will offer Londoners an extraordinary new experience in the heart of this incredible city,” said Heatherwick.


We really love this concept! It looks like it’s going to be a really vibrant addition to the city!

(Source: Dezeen)

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