Ensuring Privacy & Hygiene in Medical Facilities with Smart Glass

Privacy smart glass from Smartglass International is an innovative and practical solution to the concerns over patient privacy and hygiene management in healthcare facilities.


Privacy smart glass blocks 100% of UV Rays and reduces germs as it’s easy to clean, unlike fabric screens. As Smart Glass offers instant privacy at the flick of a switch, it is an ideal choice for medical facilities. Privacy smart glass from Smartglass International can be found in many medical facilities including St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, Blackrock Clinic in Dublin, Raigmore Hospital in Scotland, the Royal Sunderland Hospital and the Windsor Knee Clinic in Berkshire. It offers a range of applications for GP offices, hospitals and rehab centres and dental centres.

1. Examination Rooms
Regardless of the type of medical facility you manage, ensuring patient privacy and confidentiality will undoubtedly be one of your most important objectives. Whether a patient is undergoing a routine consultation or a minor procedure, they will desire complete privacy while they speak with their healthcare practitioner. Privacy Smart Glass allows you to offer your patients clear confidentiality, while ensuring your facility maintains a sleek visual appearance and a modern, clean finish. It eliminates the need for examination rooms to be windowless or full of heavy curtains. Also, if the glass is switched, it’s a very clear indicator to others that the room is in use.

2. Patient Rooms
NHS directives advise that medical facilities can improve patient privacy and dignity by allowing them to be independent and in control of their surroundings during their stay. Recuperating patients can switch privacy smart glass from clear glass to total privacy as required at the touch of a button. There is no need for a patient recovering from illness or surgery to be consistently getting in and out of their bed to open blinds or curtains. They can relax in total comfort knowing that light control and privacy is available to them at the flick of a switch. Privacy smart glass also offers better soundproofing than curtains or blinds, therefore helping to offer a superior patient experience.

Privacy smart glass serves as a much more hygienic solution in patient rooms than blinds or curtains too as it is easy to clean and require far less physical contact with staff and patients. An NHS study found that 43% of privacy curtains were contaminated with VRE, 22 percent of them harboured MRSA and 4% tested positive for CDIFF.

Electric Smartglass

3. Operating Theatres
Many hospitals have viewing rooms off of their operating theatres. However, some patients may request these are not used, so their procedure remains private. As curtains and blinds may be disturbed, Privacy smart glass can offer an unparalleled level of privacy in an operating theatre. This can also be adjusted at any time by authorised personnel, allowing certain aspects of a procedure to be explained, or hidden from onlookers. In operating rooms, where procedures are being observed by student medical staff, doctors can easily control what students are able to see through the flick of a switch. Privacy smart glass can be easily cleaned and therefore presents a more hygienic privacy solution for operating theatres than blinds or curtains.

4. X-Ray Rooms and Labs
Where total darkness is sometimes required, be that for reading of x-rays, in scanner rooms or in laboratories, Blackout smart glass is a solution available exclusively from Smartglass International. Through extensive research and development, we have achieved a real first in the field of switchable smart glass. Blackout glass turns from transparent to a complete blackout effect instantly. It blocks 100% of UV Rays and reduces germs as it’s easy to clean, unlike fabric screens. As Blackout Smart Glass offers instant privacy at the flick of a switch, it is an ideal choice for medical facilities where near total darkness is required for periods when examinations and scans are being conducted. The rooms can then be returned to normal lighting conditions at the flick of a switch.

For more information on Smart Glass options for your business, contact Smartglass International today or browse our projects page to be inspired by the range of further possible applications of blackout smart glass.

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