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Inspiration from Tokyo

For those who are looking for some inspiration this year, it would be a good idea to visit the Toto Gallery Ma in the Tokyo Minami-Aoyama district.

Floating houses

The idea of floating houses is not new. However, recently this topic gained much popularity due to the winter floods in the United Kingdom. It seems that some of us should live on a boat to feel more safe and …

Hospitality news 2015

Today’s consumers have a growing access to all services and reviews online. At the same time we can notice an increase in the number of low-cost airlines and their all-inclusive deals. Through online transparency and an availability of comparison sites, …

London’s Walkie Talkie garden

After several months of tests, the controversial garden on the 35th floor was finally open to the public. It has three restaurants and it is not really what it was intended to be. Critics says that it looks more like …


Several new inventions and ideas have appeared last year –  from “delivery drones” to Google Glasses.   Some succeeded and some still need to be improved. We are very excited of what 2015  will bring new to the world market. 

British National Architecture Award

More than 60 buildings were competing to win the ‘ Reuse of a Georgian Building’ title. It is a special year as we celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Georgian era.

Capsule Hotel in Paris

Did you ever travel to a capital city finding out that your accommodation is far away from its centre?  For many reasons budget hotels are often located outside of city boundaries.

A Unique usage of a Coffee Shop

In recent years several  innovative ideas coming from Africa and Asia show how a coffee shop or other businesses  can look like. We previously mentioned  rural residential projects in Vietnam or an uncommon bar that can be reached only by …

Oscar Niemeyer tribute

One of the greatest architects has passed away last week in Brazil. He was an inspiration for a generation of architects and many believe that his projects and ideas were timeless.

Christmas in London

As Christmas is coming- we have decided to write about some activities that will be available in London. We fully understand that a major group of people will stay at home, but still for many, it will be a festive …