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Dressing Up – Pespi as Coca-Cola

In order to celebrate Hallowe’en in Belgium, Pepsi created this advert poking fun at its rivalry with Coca-Cola.

Sono – Noise Filter

Austrian industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich has created a concept device that is capable of filtering out user-selected noises from entering you room.

Luxury Bicycles from Hermès

Luxury retailer Hermès will be launching two different bicycles this November.

The ‘Tikker’ Death Watch

Swedish publishing creative Fredrik Colting has created a watch that is both intriguing and disturbing—it counts down to the wearer’s death.

Ultra Flex Wooden Rugs

German designer Elisa Strozyk has created a series of wooden rugs that can bend, drape and crumble to imitate real fabric.

‘Morning Mug’ Wakes Up With You

This inventive little mug reacts to heat, and changes its external appearance as it warms up.

6 second clean with the 3-D printed toothbrush

A new 3-D printed toothbrush, the Blizzident, claims to give users a full clean in just 6 seconds.

New Product Spotlight – Office

The Y-Shaped stem on this chair from Danish firm KiBiSi allows the seat to rock back and forth as well as rotate left and right.

New Product Spotlight – Bathroom

The futuristic-looking Corian Sink washbasin looks like a white spaceship hovering in thin air. The secret? The ring is fused to glass, a design that allows views of the vanity or counter-top below. Available in white, green, orange, yellow, brown, …