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Why Switchable Smart Glass is a Smart Investment

Combining benefits such as superb aesthetics, improved privacy, and more privacy in both commercial and residential properties, switchable smart glass is a much sought-after technology that enhances a property’s design and functionality.

LC Smartglass & SPD Smartglass – What’s the Difference?

LC and SPD Smart Glass are renowned in the architecture industry for their range of useful applications. However, while they are both classified as Active Smart Glass, meaning they require an electrical current to change their properties, they utilise different …

Solar Smart Glass or Privacy Smart Glass – Which to Choose?

While Solar Smart Glass and Privacy Smart Glass are often used in the same environment, they have their own unique purposes.

Self-Repairing Bio Trainers

London-based designer, Shamees Aden, had released information about a concept she is creating involving 3D printed trainers made from a synthetic biological material.

Doodle Chairs – scribbles brought to life

Japanese artist, Daigo Fukawa, has designed a set of furniture based on squiggles and doodles drawn on paper.

Raleigh meets IKEA | Flat-pack Bicycle

A bicycle that has been made out of wood and can be assembled at home in less than an hour has gone into production.

Prestige Packaging – Veuve Clicquot

French champagne house, Veuve Clicquot, has developed this stylish, yet practical, packaging that transforms into an ad-hoc ice-bucket.

Flying Dress piloted by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has piloted the “world’s first flying dress” to help launch her latest album, ARTPOP, in Brooklyn, NY.

Elevator Bed from Espace Loggia

Italian furniture manufacturer Espace Loggia has designed a series of ‘elevator beds’ that can be raised from the floor to the ceiling to create extra floor space in confined rooms.

Human-sized Mannequin Lamp

Singapore-based designer, Daniel Loves Objects’, has created a large human-sized mannequin-shaped lamp.