Canadian Freezeway

In London, the old subway tunnels have a chance to be reused and redesigned to become important communication tracks between different city zones. However, the proposed project in Canada is just perfect to use its current weather conditions!

How about producing a winter ice skating trail within a city? The idea was proposed by Matthew Gibbs, who designed an ice trail as a thesis project. The seven mile long route would freeze over the winter and bring ice skaters fun and joy. The same track would become a bicycle track during summer. Some sceptics claim that the track would need to be perfectly maintained to be safe to use and a well-chosen location of the trail would need to be confirmed.  The fact is that the innovative idea was already well recognized by COLDscapes 2013 contest, launched by Kent, which called for architecture and design proposals tailored to cold climates.

In my opinion it is a new and healthy way of coping with winter and it can boost  business during those cold months by accommodating coffee shops, skate rental offices and other facilities near designated trucks. It would encourage people to take short or long spins around the city. With a proper lighting system, this could become a lovely attraction during the night.

You can read more about it here. 

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