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London’s 5 best design and interiors shops

Winter is nearly over and it is time to look for some home decorating inspiration.  New interior design ideas can be always found in IKEA,  but if you are looking for  something unique, then you have several options.

Shadowless skyscraper

More than 250 new skyscrapers are planned to be built in London and this changing skyline might  result in casting a lot of shadows on the streets, eventually affecting Londoners.

London Design Festival

Starting from March there are many interesting events in London. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend some of the most interesting events.

Dream bathroom in small spaces

Many people whether young singles or over 60s convert their properties to make them more comfortable. In many cases these conversions are possible by using specific technologies.

Canadian Freezeway

In London, the old subway tunnels have a chance to be reused and redesigned to become important communication tracks between different city zones. However, the proposed project in Canada is just perfect to use its current weather conditions!

Doors of the future

Did you ever wonder how a living space can be made private without compromising the entry of natural light?

Remarkable Structures

How to create a modern looking space for Columbia University’s new medical centre ?

Straw homes revolution

New homes are ready for sale in Bristol that use a technology in which straw is one of the components. The team behind this technology insist that straw houses are the answer for the growing sustainable house demand.

4 amazing new airports

  Changi Airport in Singapore It is one of the most exciting projects in recent years. The focus point of this structure will be a new terminal made out of steel and glass. Not surprisingly this new terminal will be …

Battersea Power Station- BIG’s inauguration

For quite some time everyone knew that BIG will win the design for a new public square at London’s Battersea Power Station.  It is Ingel’s first project in the UK.   As this is already officially announced, we are looking forward …