5 Reasons Why Smart Glass Can Increase the Value of Your Property

Your property is an important investment. That’s why taking steps to increase the value is incredibly important in today’s competitive market. Installing smart glass in your property can increase the market value of your property and the switchable glass can serve to increase the number of potential interested buyers for a number of reasons.

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1.       More Economical
Smart glass saves on energy costs by reducing the need for heating, air conditioning and ventilation. It decreases the need for these by blocking 99% of light when the BlackOut state is chosen, preventing buildings from overheating. In today’s market, this sustainable design drives up property value, as buyer’s understand energy efficient homes don’t just help the environment, but can help their finances too. For example, when eco-friendly homes in South London were put up for sale, they received vastly offers 15-30% higher than other houses in the area.

2.       Futuristic Design
Though smart glass has been around for over a decade, the majority of properties have yet to make the switch to switchable smart glass. This is still a novelty to many property owners and so a building featuring switchable glass is considered as boasting a futuristic design. As a result, buildings with the technology installed can also sell for a more futuristic price.

3.       Functionality
Smart glass sets your property apart from the others on the market by offering privacy on demand. This is a unique attribute, and one that is bound to grab the attention of potential buyers. Smart glass privacy is a particularly attractive function for houses in central areas, as it keeps your home feeling like an oasis of calm. Instead of having to jump up to pull the curtains every time street traffic becomes busy, prospective buyers can instead imagine themselves easily using a remote to adjust the opacity of their windows and protect their privacy.

4.       Aesthetic Appeal
Switchable smart glass offers a much more sophisticated aesthetic. As it offers privacy at the touch of a button, it removes the need for bulky curtains, blinds, or fogged out glass. This creates a sleek and appealing design that improves the value of your property. After all, the greater the aesthetic appeal, the more potential buyers are willing to spend.

5.       Maximises Space
It’s a common fact that homes which let in more light and have more space sell for more. Unfortunately, with larger windows, skylights or doors with glass panels often come increased heating bills, decreased privacy and the need to install bulky curtains. That’s why using switchable glass technology to let in sunlight, or even as a divider to give two rooms the appearance of one, can vastly increase the value of your property. It gives the illusion of expanded space, all while preventing outside temperatures from affecting the interior and maintaining the privacy of any occupants.

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