5 Innovative Uses of Technology in Bathroom Design

Technology is powering innovative interior design, customizing even bathroom design! Technology has taken bathroom design to a whole new level, enabling homeowners and designers to transform bathrooms into a space of luxury. The following are just 5 of many innovative uses of technology that are enhancing bathroom design.

1. Switchable Privacy Glass
Switchable privacy glass adds an element of modernity to any bathroom design. The innovative technology is commonly used as a room divider in bathrooms to increase the appearance of space in an adjoining room. However, when the opaque mode is selected, occupants can enjoy complete privacy, increasing the versatility of the space. It’s also used as a shower partition for the same purpose or to divide the toilet area from the rest of the room.

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2. Heated Floors
Hate getting out of the shower to face a freezing bathroom floor? Perhaps you should consider installing heated flooring your bathroom. Once the technology is installed, you can control the temperature with a wall switch, or even programme it in advance to make mornings a little bit more bearable. Even better, the flooring doesn’t just keep your toes toasty, it’s also cost effective and energy efficient. The heat travels through convection, rather than requiring additional electricity to blow the heat throughout the room.

3. Waterproof Hydra TV’s
Waterproof hydra televisions enable you to enjoy the luxury of watching TV while soaking in a warm bath or taking a morning shower. Multi-task by watching the news in the shower in the mornings or enhance your evening bath by kicking back and enjoying one of your favourite movies while you soak. Plus, brands like Seura offer customisable designs, with different colours and finishes. This allows waterproof TV’s to be seamlessly integrated into your existing bath or shower unit design.

4. Towel warming drawers
Heated towels are the ultimate bathroom luxury. Dacor have adapted the heating cubbies originally created for kitchens to withstand humidity, allowing them to keep your towels, robes and even socks, cosy and warm. These come with a range of temperature levels, and best of all, the units can be customised to match any interior design.

5. Hands-free faucets
Hands-free faucets are the germ fighting design of the future. The motion sensing technology is already a quite popular feature in bathrooms in commercial premises. Now this feature is fast becoming just as popular a feature in residential bathrooms. The hygienic design enhances a minimalist and sleek bathroom interior, with the added benefit of increasing accessibility for the mobility impaired.

For more information on innovative interior design, read our previous posts or contact us today to discover how switchable privacy glass can enhance your project.


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