4 amazing new airports

  Changi Airport in Singapore

It is one of the most exciting projects in recent years. The focus point of this structure will be a new terminal made out of steel and glass. Not surprisingly this new terminal will be named ‘Jewel’.

Chang Airport

All airport parts will be interconnected to each other.  What is even more fascinating is the fact that inside this specific building a so called Rain Vortex will be found, which will become the world’s biggest indoor waterfall. Passengers will be able to spend time in a huge selection of gardens. Several playgrounds will be built for children, so they can enjoy in-between flight time. It is still not known when this project will be actually completed, but for sure this will not happen this year.

 International Airport in Kuwait

A new International Airport in Kuwait will include a three ‘wing’ structure.  The middle part of this construction will be 25 metres high.  This is from where all passengers will be directed to their boarding gates. The disadvantage of this will be the necessity to cover a long walking distance from one place to another, since each of the ‘wing’ elements is around 1km long!  The structure will have three levels – departures, arrivals and a luggage claim area.

Kuwejt Airport

 A new, environmental friendly airport in Mexico

This specific Airport’s construction would be just the opposite of the previously mentioned one, as it will keep walking distances to a minimum. There won’t be any long tunnels or sky trains. The construction will have six starting lines and the construction will include new technologies including solar panels and water recycle containers. It should be finished by 2018.

Meksyk airport

 Shizouka Airport in Japan

Architects from Shirengu Bana Company took their inspiration for this airport’s design from Japanese tea plantations. An interesting feature of this structure is the roof that allows certain levels of light to enter the building. The wooden construction will be very unique, whereas the ability to land at an airport with the most famous Japanese mountain Fuji at sight will be overwhelming.  The future of this airport is unknown, as some critics do not see the need of building one at this location.

Fuji airport


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