200 Calories in various foods

The guys over at wiseGeek have created a pretty interesting photo-series of various different foods. The difference? They have only photographed 200 calories worth of each food.

200 Calories of Celery

The series shows the vast difference in volume of certain foods required to make up 200 calories. We’re advised to take in approximately 2000-2500 calories a day and the images may help you consider where you can get the most value for your ‘calorific spend’.

200 Calories of Broccoli

A huge plate of broccoli or celery for only 200 calories seems like a bargain? Perhaps not the most appealing bargain, but a bargain all the same!

200 Calories of Avocado

An avocado might be tastier than some celery or broccoli but the volume begins to quickly diminish. Followed by…

200 calories of candy

200 calories of peanut butter

Some very dense food items such as oil, chocolate and peanut butter might flood your taste buds with delight, but unfortunately, you do not get much bang for your buck in terms of volume!

Head over to wiseGeek to see the rest of the series, we’re off to have a few stalks of celery for lunch.

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